C. Yilmaz
13. Safety Alerts National Grid
 >  July 2022

As per standard procedure, we receive each month a safety alert package from National Grid. Part of the infomation we are mandated to publish. In this toolbox we want to share the information with you. Attached is the presentation (click here) from July 2022. If your have questions or concerns contact your Supervisor. 

The following subjects will be covered: 

  • Mandatory Safety Alerts
    • Restricted plant and equipment
    • Serious damage to all-terrain vehicle
    • Potential ignition sources Found on site
    • Back Filling Excavations
  • Site Specific Alerts - Project Manager to pick alerts relevant to site
    • FM4 Pipeline Gas Leak
    • Hydrogen & Gas Identified During Digging Operations
    • Unit Overspeed ESD Shutdown
    • Gate Hinge Failure - Corrosion
    • Ankle Injury Wearing Inappropriate Footwear
    • Fire Caused by Hot Works Activity
    • H.I.T. - Vehicle Incidents
    • Hot Weather Working
    • Hand Injuries

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