13. Safety Alerts National Grid
 >  Safety Pack July 2023

As per standard procedure, we receive each month a safety alert package from National Gas Transmission. Part of the infomation we are mandated to publish. In this toolbox we want to share the information with you. Attached is the presentation from July 2023. If your have questions or concerns contact your Supervisor. 

The following subjects will be covered: 

  • Mandated Safety Alerts
    • Restricted plant and equipment
    • Bacton Incident - SCO Compliance
    • Avian Influenza Virus – Bird Flu
    • Chain Block Link Failure
  • Site Specific Alerts: Project Team to select alerts  relevant to site activities
    • Hemlock
    • Spills kit controls information
    • Update to Protected Species Wildlife Calendar
    • Fly-Tipping
    • Fall From Height - Stepladder
    • Lister Blackstone Generator Coolant
    • Changes
    • Waste Duty of Care
    • Lessons learned
    • etc. 
  • Safety Awareness Notification
    • Excavator boom arch sheared 
  • Safety Action Notification 
    • Viking – Work at Height HPCE
    • Near Miss - Falling Objects
    • LPG Forklift Truck Fire Risk
    • Wearing the Correct PPE Reminder
    • Overturned Stone Cart Incident
    • Towing Unsecured Equipment
  • Safety, Health & Wellbeing Bulletin
    • Heat Related Illness

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