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Why Toxic?

Hazardous substances can occur in almost all work situations. Toxic is useful when working safely with chemicals and hazardous substances.

What is Toxic?

Toxic is actually a digital overview of hazardous substances. A.Hak has its own database at Toxic, which contains our hazardous substances.

What can I do with Toxic?

Toxic can help you find safety information on a particular substance. This information can be used for;

  • How to handle the substance (think about handling and storage)
  • What PPE do I need to work or handle the substance safely?
  • What measures should be taken in the event of an incident
  • Information which can be provided to the emergency services in case of an incident.

Where can I find Toxic?

In the A.Hak safety app under this selector 'hazardous substances'. Important: The language is by default set to Dutch. This can be changed by changing the language in the top right corner of the screen to the country of your choice.

How does it work?

Toxic is not always immediately visible on the phone so Scroll down on your phone and select the tile 'hazardous materials' You will now be transferred directly to the Toxic app, it will automatically go to A.Hak's database.

1. Enter one of the three search fields
You can find product safety data sheets by clicking on one of the three search fields. The CAS number and the UN number can be found on the product's safety data sheet if you have one.

2. Press the yellow button 'search' when you have filled in a field.
Now you will see a list of substances that are already in the database and are used in our projects / fixed locations.

It is possible that the product/substance you are looking for is not on the list. Please inform your supervisor, regional safety expert or by making a report in A.Hak's safety app.

Please include at least the following items;

  • product name/supplier
  • project name
  • Photo of the packaging including pictograms

3. Select your chosen product 

Now a selection menu opens: 

  • view WIK (As HTML = in your internet page. As PDF = pdf will be saved on your phone)
  • View SDS (safety data sheet).
  • generate label

Select WIK, you will get a workplace instruction card with: 

  • pictograms related to the product
  • Risk phrases for this product
  • safe storage 
  • necessary PPE
  • Information regarding risks, prevention and first aid/emergency response. other information 

Select SDS

Then you get the safety data sheet that consists of sixteen defined sections.

Select generate label 

A label can be generated of the substance in question with;

  • Product name
  • pictograms that apply
  • Risk phrases that apply

Scan de volgende code met de app om deze toolbox te bekijken.