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The goal of HANDS SAFE work is to reduce hand and finger related injuries. This toolbox highlights five accidents that have occurred within our organization recently. 

The 5 HANDS SAFE rules are:

1.    Use the right gloves for your work
2.    Use “Hands Safe” (assistants) resources
3.    Keep your hands at a distance until (hidden) energy is under control
4.    Don’t put your hands in the line of fire of moving parts
5.    Thinking ahead. Could my hands come into the line of fire?


Use the right gloves for your work
1. An employee recently suffered a cut on his finger while installing a water meter bracket because a burr got through the glove.

2. An employee suffered a cut while removing a DN500 blind plate when not wearing proper protective equipment.

Always assess in advance when and which gloves should be worn for which work. Not sure? ask for advice from your safety expert

Use 'Hands Safe' (Auxiliary) Resources
A typical example of an incident where the hands are kept on the load can occur during the horizontal insertion of a pipe into a steel structure. When bringing the pipe into place in the steel structure, a rigger can get stuck with the left ring finger between two flanges. This can be prevented, for example, by using a steering line.

Keep hands away until (hidden) energy is under control

Following the cleaning of an order with a grinder, an employee wanted to put the grinder away. Because it was still spinning (no brake), the brush disc hit his finger causing injury to a finger.

Don't put your hands in the line of fire of moving parts

Early this year, there was an incident where an employee's hand became trapped between the excavator bucket and the ground. Be aware of your surroundings and the position of your hands when it comes to moving parts.

While performing a rocket drilling operation, the rocket appeared to go straight for another pipe. An employee who was standing in the exit hole reflexively grabbed the rocket to guide it away from the pipeline. As a result, he landed unhappily with his middle finger in the edge of the rocket resulting in injury.

Thinking ahead, can my hands get in the line of fire?

While attaching a four-jump to a container, one of the chains wrapped around the container and landed on the left index finger of an employee who was attaching a two-jump at the time. This caused the left index finger to be "crushed" between two steel hooks resulting in injury.

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